Simply place anything; herbs, crystals, charms in centre of fabric, gather up corners & bind with the coloured thread provided. Contents can also be anointed with a drop or dab of an appropriate oil.

Black: Psychic self-defense, protection, absorbing negative energies & cursing magic, curse-breaking.
Blue: Wisdom, tranquility, health, harmony, patience, psychic protection, happiness.
Green: Prosperity, Earth magic and Venusian magic.
Grey: Enhance Psychic abilities, self-defense.
Orange: Wit & wisdom. Happiness & joy.
Pink: Love, affection, friendship.
Purple: Spiritual work generally, psychic ability divination, spirit contact, idealism.
Red: For acts of love, passion and lust magic. Can also be used in power and domination magic.
White: Purification, curse-breaking, truth, wholeness, spiritual strength.
Yellow: Voudon love magic, Success magic, Luck magic generally.


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Red, Green, Grey, Black, Yellow, Black, White, Blue, Purple, Pink