Magic Workshops …

For over twenty years we have been running a number of different workshops on various aspects of magic & paganism as well as meditation nights, ritual workshops and meetings of the Hermetic Order of the Red Dragon

Details of our current workshops will be posted here as well as on facebook and the School of Magick Meetup group.

Julie at Mabon in the Magic Garden

Spellcraft 1On1

Whether you have a situation requiring magical assistance, or simply wish to learn effective Spellcraft, this workshop will teach you the magic you require to effect positive change in your life.


Deposit $50Spellcraft 1On1 details

Tanya & Julie about to do some magic ...

Magic Saturday …

Well, for many people, they’ve read the books and looked up stuff online … and they’re bursting with ideas and questions and want to talk about it with someone … but … families don’t understand, friends don’t take it seriously … and don’t even think about workmates …

That’s why, many years ago, we started Magic Saturdays to provide a safe, comfortable and very pagan space where you can immerse yourself in Witchcraft, Paganism, Magic, Spells, Rituals … everything … nothing is off-limits and there are no stupid questions.

Only $20 …

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Circle of evocation





Only $20


It is quite hard to find anyone practicing ceremonial or ritual magic and even harder to find anyone willing to share their experience. These workshops are open to anyone that wishes to come along; and at which we will be exploring, in a hands-on fashion (in other words, you get to do some of the conjuration – if you wish – or you can just sit and observe) the invocation and evocation of angels, planetary spirits, elementals, daemons, etc. Participants don’t need to wear magical robes or bring magical tools or weapons but are welcome to do so if they wish.

More on Invocation/Evocation




Einstein: the universe is just a game.



More on Playing with the Universe

Only $20



When you dream,

all the scenery, characters,

events, perils, and outcomes are built

from your own consciousness,

the darks and oppressions

as well as the delights.

Same with the world awake,

though it takes longer to build it.

-Richard Bach, Messiah’s Handbook – Reminders for the Advanced Soul.