TEA & MAGIC SATURDAY Chat, Make Spells, do Rituals, whatever you want (with lots of tea!)

Saturday, 1st June …. still only $20 …

(or, if you just want to browse through the shop, that’s fine … we’re not going to charge you $20 for that!)

Tanya & Julie about to do some magic

Come along ANYTIME between 10.30am and 5.30pm.
Only $20, pay on the day –  but please don’t visit if you or anyone you live with is sick with the flu or covid

How to find us …

So what are our Magic Saturdays about …?

Well, for many people, they’ve read the books and looked up stuff online … and they’re bursting with ideas and questions and want to talk about it with someone … but … families don’t understand, friends don’t take it seriously … and don’t even think about your workmates …

That’s why, many years ago, we started Magic Saturdays to provide a safe, comfortable and very pagan space where you can immerse yourself in Witchcraft, Paganism, Magic, Spells, Rituals … everything … nothing is off-limits and there are no stupid questions.  You can learn a lot by talking to others with similar interests.

Each Saturday, apart from the obvious conversations, we try to do some magic just so you can get a feel for it. The people that come along range from complete beginners to those that have been living the pagan life for some time. It doesn’t matter. Everyone has something to contribute or some just want to soak up the atmosphere. Either way, whether you come for half an hour or the whole day you’ll feel refreshed, empowered and validated … and you may have even met our Ravens and some of our other nature spirits.

Our shop is also open (it doesn’t cost anything if you just want to come and look at the shop), so remember to top up on your magical supplies while you’re here. We now also have a selection of potted herbs for sale including such magical herbs as Mugwort, Rue and Squill.


Romany Tarot readings are also available, only $30!.Romany caravan early 20th century.


Click here for more about Tarot readings …


When: Saturday 1st June …
Time: … anytime between 10.30am & 5pm
Where: 130 Boronia Rd., Vermont, Melbourne, 3133
Cost: $20
Time: Anytime between 10.30am & 5pm
03 9873 3736


How to find us ….