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Magic Saturday




Saturday the 15th June.  Click yellow button for details

Julie with Magic Saturday participants doing some magic under the Sacred Oaks. With Esoteric Bookshop trademark superimposed on picture.

It can be hard finding someone with whom you are comfortable talking about Paganism, Witchcraft & Magick….


Just about every Saturday, a bunch of people come together here to chat about all of these things over cups of tea & bikkies & often to do some magic ….come and join us, it’s fun.  And every six weeks or so we celebrate on of the seasonal Sabbats & you’re very welcome to come on these days too and celebrate with us.

only $20 (kids free) …

All about Magic Saturdays


Playing with Angels, Faeries & Nature Spirits.


Tuesday, 18th June …

Triangle for Jupiter working.
Triangle for Jupiter working.

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We have some exciting things happening …. come and be part of it …. 


Participants don’t need to wear magical robes or bring magical tools or weapons but are welcome to do so if they wish.


Only $20




Saturday 22nd June

Only $20!  Kids free!

The Yule Log

Adorn yourself in your warmest witchy finery, grab your drum or other musical instrument (if you have one), and come and join us as we call back the sun and celebrate the season of abundance-consciousness.

More Winter Solstice details …


Romany caravan early 20th century.

Romany tarot readings.




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