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The Art of Sorcery

Julie performing a shamanic ritual ...

The art of sorcery is the mastery of perception. A sorcerer is someone who understands the very nature of perception and is therefore able to shift perception at will. It is said by many, that this is a time of great Earth changes and that Man, in order to survive these changes, will have to learn to shift perception at will. In other words, Man will have to learn the art of sorcery. The first goal of the book is to teach how to accomplish a willful shift in perception. I consider myself to be an average person in every way imaginable and have written this book for people like me. This is not a book for the spiritually enlightened who wish to live out their days in a cave somewhere. This is a “Sorcery 101” textbook that uses examples from my average life to illustrate basic sorcery principles. Sorcery requires that one be connected with the Elemental Force. I believe that the Spirit/Elemental Force is equivalent to what is referred to by some as “The Ray of Creation” (something else I had never heard of a year ago). It is said that everything in the Universe became manifest through the action of the Ray of Creation. The Ray of Creation is a vibration or a frequency that can be likened to a note of a musical scale; it is a sound that carries information that transmutes energy into matter. The creation myths of many different cultures say that the Universe was created with sound; in Biblical texts, this is referred to as “The Word”. While this frequency/vibration controls the form that matter will take, it can also be commanded. A sorcerer is someone who is able to tune into this frequency and command it to create whatever the sorcerer desires.

 “…the old sorcerers knew that human beings, taken as conglomerates of energy fields, are held together…by some sort of vibration that renders everything at once alive and in place…. Their expertise in dealing with (this force) became so extraordinary that their actions were transformed into legends…”

—Magical Passes, Carlos Castaneda.

Whole quote from ‘The Path – A Practical Approach to Sorcery’ by ESMERALDA ARANA