Herbs, Resins & Gums

Esoteric Herbs have, we believe, the largest selection of rare herbs, barks, seeds, roots & gums in Australia.
We source our ingredients from around the world: from as near as our own magical garden, to as far as Araby & New Orleans in the Deep South of the USA.

Since before recorded history, people have used herbs, not just for their therapeutic value, but also for their magical properties. By combining any of the following you can create your own charm bags & incenses.

The more personal input that goes into a spell, the more powerful it becomes. Add a little imagination & you’ve created your own spell!!To learn more about using herbs in magic, we recommend the following books … ‘A Compendium of Magical Herbs’, ‘Magical Herbalism’, ‘Wylundt’s Book of Incense’, & ‘Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs’

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