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Enochian Magic at the Gates of Hell

“Sunday afternoon, David had called and asked us to meet him at The Gates of Hell in the sculpture garden at Stanford University, fifteen minutes or so from our home.  We arrived to find him standing before that hauntingly beautiful and massive piece, with a cigarette dangling from his lip and his perpetually disheveled and mismatched clothing flapping about him in a warm spring breeze.  

Gates of Hell - Rodin

There, in the blazing afternoon sun, with a bronze and pensive Rodin staring down at us from high above the imposing door of Tartarus, Jones read the 18th Enochian Key, and the Call of the 9th Aethyr, which is called ZIP.  Gone now were the days of incense and robes, of tables and squares and all the accumulated detritus of traditional western ceremonial work.  The world was our Temple, furnished with whatever lay readily to hand, and though the casual passerby, observing what was done that day, would have noticed nothing especially out of the ordinary, the effect was to be nothing of the sort.”

I have posted this quote previously but I think it’s worth posting it again.  This is a quote from ‘The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz’ by Satyr, published online as a supplement to KAOS 14 by Joel Biroco.  The afternoon described is when David Jones of the Centre for Enochian Studies (CES – part of the OTO in California) called his students to a meeting outdoors.  Shortly after this, the CES started meeting in cafes where they performed rituals without props or tools.  It shows what can be done outside the Temple or ritual room.

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