Romany Tarot Readings


You can ring (03 9873 3736) or email ( to make a booking, & pay on the day or add to the cart and pay before you come and we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable day and time.  Or you can just drop in Mon-Sat 10.30am – 4.30pm; of course you may have to wait if someone is booked ahead of you.

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My father was the youngest of a fairly large extended family.  His mother, my paternal grandmother (obviously) was Romany (Gypsy).  It was from her that our very popular Granny’s Spell (a protection spell) comes.  My father had several sisters and these, well two in particular that I spent a lot of time with as a child, read cards and tealeaves; although they never seemed to agree on the meaning of the tealeaves.  They also played cards a lot.  I have memories of being curled up on the couch reading while my parents and aunts would play Whist.  “I’ll go a Misere!”  I never knew what it meant but assumed that the gleeful laughter that would follow such pronouncements meant they were casting harmless spells on each other to help them try to win.

Anyway, for what it’s worth.  These two aunts taught me to read cards when I was a kid.  These were ordinary playing cards; I didn’t see Tarot Cards till I was quite grown up, but I immediately saw that the meanings of the Tarot Cards; the Minor Arcana anyway, were the same as the meanings I’d been taught of the playing cards.  So that Hearts were the same as Cups, Wands were Clubs, Pentacles were the same as Diamonds and Spades were the same as Swords.  Of course, there is no Major Arcana in playing cards.

I don’t necessarily think that having a Romany grandmother makes me a better card reader.  I never met her.  She died many years before I was born, but I think of her whenever I’m getting ready to do a reading.  And so far most people seem happy with what I see in the cards.

If you would like a ‘Romany’ tarot reading, then ‘cross my palm with silver’ about $30 worth or use a card, or your smart phone.  I’m available from midday to about 4pm Monday to Saturday.  It’s probably best to book.  The readings go for about half an hour (but really it’s as long as it takes).  And if you’re not happy with the reading, I won’t charge you.  Can’t say fairer than that ….

David   03 9873 3736