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“The Tarot is a pictorial representation of the Forces of Nature as conceived by the Ancients according to a conventional symbolism. At first sight one would suppose this arrangement to be arbitrary, but it is not. It is necessitated by the structure of the universe, and in particular of the Solar System, as symbolized by the Holy Qabalah.” – Aleister Crowley.

The Thoth Tarot Deck (or “Crowley Deck” as it is more widely known) is one of the most popular decks in current use. It is also one of the most original interpretations of the tarot, incorporating astrological, numerological, and Qabalistic symbolism. While there are many other useful guides to this famous tarot deck, there are no others that explain the deck in its creator’s own words. The Book of Thoth has been used for many years by students of the occult for study of the tarot and as a key to all Western mystery traditions. As such, this book is on the short list of must-have textbooks for modern students of the tarot and esoteric studies.