Come & play with the angels … it’s fun …

Next workshop Tuesday 28th May. Scroll down for more details.

Only $20

Circle of evocation

When: Tuesday 28th May
Time: 7pm to 9pm.
Cost: $20
Where: 130 Boronia Rd., Vermont, Melbourne 3133    Click here for details of how to find us.
Contact:  David 03 9873 3736 or email

Previous workshops: (the latest workshop first)

*Communication with spirit called Angelfire using music.

*Recorded a ritual composed of layered chants that had been devised by an AI app.  Interesting effects were produced.  We’re awaiting further results.

*One participant has been communicating with an angel that seems very much like Babalon.  Opened the 7th Aethyr to see if we could communicate with this angel as a group. Good initial result.  This exploration is still in progress.

*Created a Servitor called Paco to bring harmony to any personal situation of individual group members.                                                                                               (over 3 workshops)

*Invoked TDIM an Enochian Kerub to cause the participants of the workshop to be capable of reflecting & transmitting energy & impressions without being affected, so that others see themselves reflected in a charming & disarming way & will see only what they want to see. (over two workshops)

*Cut up ritual to contact nature spirit to gain specific answer to something a group member wanted to know.                                                                         


Come and have some fun exploring the world of angels & nature spirits.  You might find you garden suddenly blooming or your pockets full of gold! 

It is quite hard to find anyone practicing ceremonial or ritual magic and even harder to find anyone willing to share their experience. These workshops are open to anyone that wishes to come along; and at which we will be exploring, in a hands-on fashion (in other words, you get to do some of the conjuration – if you wish – or you can just sit and observe) the invocation and evocation of angels, planetary spirits, elementals, daemons, etc. Participants don’t need to wear magical robes or bring magical tools or weapons but are welcome to do so if they wish.


The ultimate aim of the ‘Great Work’ is Spiritual Growth by attaining the Knowledge & Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel (your higher self). Although many people think they are already talking to their ‘guardian angel(s)’, they’re probably not. Through the work of William Bloom & others, we now know that we attract spirits (not dead people) to us depending on what we’re doing. These are very helpful, (if we actually talk to them – they don’t do much if we don’t). But to actually communicate with your Holy Guardian Angel is a profound experience that is both life changing and infinitely rewarding. However, it’s not easy; and to do this requires much effort as you have to be able to let go of all your preconceptions about this and every other world. Invocation/Evocation Magic (also known as Ceremonial, Ritual or High Magic) is a personal conversation between the magician, the universe and the spirit(s) with whom he/she is developing a relationship. This workshop, then, is an uncommon opportunity to get an insight into this form of magic.