Meditation, Mind, Hypnosis

This illusion that surrounds us everyday and that we perceive as ‘reality’ is cleverly created for us by our subconscious mind. Within this dark labyrinth are the programs that dictate our every response, from how we see, feel, taste and hear our worlds, to how we unconsciously react to all this input received by our senses.

It is largely from the work of eminent Psychiatrist and Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, we now know that our subconscious mind doesn’t respond to logic. (You know you should give up smoking, drinking or overeating, but the logic of that knowledge is overridden by our subconscious programming.) However, we have found that the subconscious does respond, and can be reprogrammed using metaphor. In fact metaphor is a very powerful tool in hypnosis and everyday communication.

’But,’ I hear you say, ‘magic and witchcraft are metaphors!’ Exactly!

Meditation is closely allied to hypnosis because when we meditate we do go into a trance state. In fact, meditation can be as powerful and effective as hypnosis. They just tend to be practiced differently.

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Showing all 3 results