SATYR OIL (love oil to attract women) 2ml


This oil was a major part of Casanova’s success in seducing women …

This love oil was kept secret for years. It was named after the Satyrs, Mythological beings, part human, part goat, that spent their days chasing, catching, seducing & making love to beautiful, scantily-clad & naked young female spirits called Nymphs. Satyr Oil was originally blended for Casanova to help him seduce women.  It worked so well for him that even women Casanova didn’t want were seduced by this scent.

For best results, use the Satyr Oil sparingly, placing it low on the body, so your body warmth causes the scent to move up and envelop you. When you see someone you like and begin to feel excited, your heart beats a little faster causing your body temperature to rise even more, giving an added oomph to the scent of the Satyr Oil.

Satyr Oil can be worn with other scents or aftershave as its effect is subliminal, acting directly on the brain. It is, however, very important that you don’t use the Satyr Oil every day as you would an aftershave. Satyr Oil should only be used when you are seriously hunting!

2ml vial (more than enough, believe me!).

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