VENUS LOVE OIL (love oil to attract men) 2ml


The ultimate secret seduction weapon of the Goddess! 

This Romany love oil was believed to have been originally blended for the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, primarily so that she could seduce, influence & control the leader of the invading Roman army, Julius Caesar. History tells us that it worked, and not just on Caesar!

Use VENUS LOVE OIL sparingly (and only when you’re seriously out hunting!), and, as Coco Chanel said wear it low on the body, and your body heat will do the rest”.  When you see someone you like and begin to feel excited, your heart beats a little faster causing your body temperature to rise even more, giving an added oomph to the scent of the Venus Oil.

Venus Oil can also be worn with your favourite perfume as its effect is subtle, subliminal; acting directly on the brain. It is, however, very important that you don’t use the Venus Oil as an everyday scent. Venus Oil should only be used when you are out seriously hunting!

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2ml vial.

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