BUCKEYE (Horse chestnut) (Conker) 10g


A famous magical herb used in the magic of making money: Carry in a green mojo bag with two gold-coloured coins. Add powdered nut to any money incense or potions. Can also be carried in the pocket to attract success – wrap a talisman for luck or success around the buckeye & secure with a green or gold thread.

“When I was a kid, my friends & I would ride out into the country to find the best ‘conker’s, which is what we called Horse Chestnuts.  We would drill a hole through the middle and feed a piece of string or old bootlace through them and then take it in turns to hold it up by the string while a friend would try to smash it off the string with his ‘conker’.  Had I known then that conkers could be used in money spells, I wouldn’t have wasted so many!” – David.

Planetary, Elemental, Gender & Deity attributes in the Tags are from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.