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Florence Scovell Shinn was one of the very few brilliant and influential writers of the 20th Century in the, so-called and much maligned, field of ‘self-help’ literature. Her four small books; The Game of Life, and how to play it!, The Power of the Spoken Word, Your Word is Your Wand, and The Secret of Success saved my life many years ago when my universe seemed out of control.

Florence Scovell Shinn was a Christian Scientist but for me her books are magical texts. I consider her to be one of the two most important mentors in my magical education. Her attitude and writing show her to be a consummate magician (even more so, I believe, than Crowley!!!!).

As a Christian, she of course uses quotations from the Bible, but she does it in ways that are totally acceptable even for the most hardened Pagan, and, in fact, show the Bible to be a powerful magic book. For example, when quoting a line from the psalm that reads “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom”, she says to change the word ‘fear’ into ‘respect’, and the word ‘Lord’ into ‘Law’ (as in Universal Law). The sentence now reads “Respect for Universal Law is the beginning of Wisdom” and only a fool could try to argue against that!

This is a book that I highly recommend, David