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Your own personal hypnotherapist in your phone, laptop or computer ….


by Robert Mathison

How it works …

You probably already have the unonscious resources to attain your desired goals, yet you may not be sure how to access them.  Using leading edge multiple evocation technology, the Mathison Process will help you find the right resources and motivate you to achieve the results you are seeking.

Multiple Evocation was developed by Richard Bandler & John Grinder, the founders of NLP.  They found that when they both spoke at the same time to a hypnotic subject, they were able to achieve, for the subject, faster therapeutic trance states.  From trials, largely carried out in Australia, Robert Mathison developed a process by which he was able to use multiple recordings of his own voice to produce a tape where he could add layers of his voice, one at a time, until there seem to be four Roberts speaking at the same time. The metaphors Robert uses weave between left ear and right ear, foreground and background,  which has the effect of the conscious mind can’t keep up so ‘lets go’ and allowing the powerful and  useful metaphors to work directly on the unconscious.

WARNING:  A deep 40 minute trance state will occur when listening to this recording using earphones or buds. It should NEVER be listened to while engaged in any activity that requires concentration, e.g., driving a car or operating machinery or household appliances.  Sit somewhere comfortably and close your eyes.