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Throw open the curtains and shed daylight upon the dark depths of the Vampire Story 

The definitive A to Z encyclopedia contains tales of mortal blood-drinkers; vampiric legends from cultures around the world.

It contains tips on:-
how to find, identify & destroy a vampire;
the vampire family tree; including ghosts, witches, werewolves
& some real-life Van Helsings among the famous vampirologists & vampire hunters.

Permeating popular culture from the 19th Century right up to the modern day, our fascination with vampires, like the creatures themselves, shows no sign of dying. With this comprehensive & fascinating guide be prepared to lift the coffin lid on what is real . and what is undead. .
Large format, 685pp including a Vampire Timeline, Bibliography, Vampire Organisations, Societies, Fan Clubs & Websites, plus extensive and detailed Index.