EARTH MAGIC (Revised edition)


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“I first wrote my Book of Shadows in 1979. It was much shorter then, and deliberately intended for a small audience. In contrast to my other writings about magic, I still wanted my personal Witchcraft work to remain somewhat of a secret, for other Witches only. A member of my coven teased me for conducting my own private witch hunt, in this case not to persecute Witches, but to isolate them as book customers.

The original subtitle of this book was ‘A Dianic Book of Shadows’. Some confusion arose when ‘Dianic’ took on the popular meaning of Goddess-worshipping women Witches only. This was surprising because to me, Dianic meant that my primary alignment was with the Goddess Diana. Today, I choose to publish the book with a new subtitle, A Book of Shadows for Positive Witches. I have added more material, but ll of the original information remains.

A Book of Shadows represents a Witch’s most personal practice. In the interest of flexibility, I have departed slightly from the traditional Book of Shadows format to provide suggested alternatives to help you find your own way. If there is one thing I’ve learned in the years since I wrote the first version of this book, it’s that Witchcraft is decidedly not an organised religion. It is inner-directed, not outer-instructed. I have tried to convey this concept here ? even though I provide instruction.

In oldest times, a Book of Shadows was kept for joyful reasons, to pass the work on to others. Every Witch who could write had one. In the Middle Ages, during the nightmarish Burning Times, Books of Shadows served to preserve the religion while countless Witches perished. Today, we are back to the original purpose of sharing the work with others.

I am happy to share with you this, my latest work, as I simultaneously urge you to explore your own.

Blessed Be Your Path!”

Marion Weinstein.