Our loose-fitting gowns are created in a light polycotton. The gowns feature large, bell-shaped sleeves and a large, old-style hood. Choose from either a V neck, or a T neck opening finished with an ancient-styled brass button. Each gown comes with a long, interchangeable, silken cord tie with tassels. The cord can be tied around the waist a few times or worn in the crossover style. Ties are available in a variety of colours, so you can choose the appropriate colour for your ritual.  See below for available colours  and styles  …..

When ordering, remember to state desired neckline, gown colour and cord tie colour.

You may wish to add your own belts and trimmings or paint on your own magical symbols with fabric paints.

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GOWN COLOURS** – white, purple, black.

CORD TIE COLOURS*** – gold, silver, white, black, green, purple, red, blue, yellow.

* Traditional Tau Robe design.
** By special order, gowns can be made in almost any colour you desire.
*** Cords can be ordered separately $25.00 (see Cord order page under GOWNS).

# T neck & V neck gown is available in polyester crushed velvet. $199.00. Contact us for details.    esotericbookshop@optusnet.com.au