Magical intentions: Astral World – travel in, Journey – good & safe, Reconciliation, Travel – safely, War – to prevent.
Colour – Violet
Plants – Hazel, almond, peony
Metal – Quicksilver (Mercury) WARNING: this metal is poisonous if it touches the skin.
Gems – Amethyst, Quartz crystal, pearl.
Perfume/Incense – Camphor, Jasmine, frankincense, white sandalwood.

God/Goddess information.
Greek or Roman Goddess – Diana (only when the Moon is actually in the sky. Before it rises & after it sets Hekate is the goddess).
Symbolic Creature – Dog.
Planetary Spirit – Phul (Sachael).
Description of Spirit – An archer astride a doe, a goose, a huntress with bow & arrow.

Kabbalistic information
Sephira – Yesod
Symbolic Creature – Elephant
Sephirotic Form – a handsome nude man.
Archangel – Gabriel
Guardian angels – Ishim.

Correspondences from ‘Magic an Occult Primer’, David Conway, & Agrippa.

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Showing 1–16 of 26 results