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Most of us are familiar with the idea of a werewolf: that someone can change, either deliberately or unwillingly, into a ravenous creature. But is there some justification for such a belief? And if so, how is it achieved through magical potions or ointments or simply by the light of the full moon? Or is the whole thing simply a form of delusion, the product of a disturbed mind? In Werewolves, author Dr. Bob Curran examines the deep psychological roots that underlie this profane linking of human and beast. Do the roots of such a belief lie in the supernatural world, or are there other explanations? How has the discovery of feral children shaped our ideas of human-beasts? And what is the future of such beliefs? The author also considers the use of genetic engineering: in this case, the fusing of human and animal genes in order to cure some human diseases and alleviate suffering. Is the idea of man turning into beast really so far fetched? Werewolves is an essential reference book that takes an in-depth look at a fascinating subject. One word of warning, though: It must never be read under the baleful rays of a full moon. You have been warned!