SULPHUR (Brimstone) 10g


Used in exorcism spells & rituals. Burn a small amount on charcoal with all windows & doors open. Sprinkle over candles & add to bath water.

“Observing quietly what was happening, Jones sat down and rummaged through his things, soon producing a brick of charcoal, assorted odds and ends, and what at first glance appeared to be incense.  I asked what he was doing, and he said we seemed to be having a little ‘possession problem’.  He went on to explain that some demons, especially those of a Saturnian nature, tended to be attracted to the smell of burning sulphur.  His intent was to set some alight, and see who among us was attracted to the noxious fumes.  Jones kindled the charcoal, placed upon it a small quantity of the substance, and sat back to wait.  Immediately, Clay and John Golding walked over, and sat down beside him.

“David,” Golding began, with Holden looking on with an expression of serious concern even more dour than usual, “I think we have a problem”.

“You do?” he replied.  The hellish fumes now drifted through the open room, yet neither of his interrogators seemed to notice.

“I believe you are possessed”. said Golding, in the grave tone usually reserved by physicians for telling a patient of their impending demise.

“Oh you do, do you?” David replied, casting an “I told you so” glance in my direction.  His eyes danced, and he seemed barely capable of concealing the amused irony in his voice.”

Excerpt from:  Satyr. “The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz.” In: Biroco, Joel (ed), KAOS 14: Supplement, London: The Kaos-Babalon Press, 2002.