SPELL CRAFTS – Harrington/Cunningham


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Scott Cunningham & David Harrington

Take a look at your hands. See them as wondrous vehicles of power. Feel the energy that flows through everything your do. Tap into that power! Carve a symbol, dip a candle , mix fragrant herbs, sculpt clay and make your life all that you want it to be.

This second edition of Spell Crafts, the much-loved and oft-read guide to magical handwork, features new illustrations and a new preface by David Harrington. Learn how to create and use all of the following;

magical simmering potpourris
a beaded psychic mandala
clay pentacles, plaques and runic dice
a shaman’s arrow
sand paintings
Corn Mother
a magical spellbroom, protective hex sign
Witch bottles
corn dollies and so much more  …