Sandalwood pure oil 12ml


Sandalwood, because of its use & popularity has become an endangered species & exports of Sandalwood from India are now banned or severely restricted. This also means that we should expect Sandalwood products, including oils, to only get more expensive in the future.  Because of this, Sandalwood is now being grown in Australia; primarily in the Northern Territory & Western Australia.

Highly protective, combats negative energies. Sandalwood is the sacred incense of the Hindu religion and one of the chief incense woods of the Japanese Shinto religion.
The chemistry of sandalwood is akin to some human hormone chemistry, and, like aloes wood, it appears to have pleasant psychoactive properties.

It is said to emit a very fine energy that easily combats & removes negative energy. Highly protective, use in acts of psychic & physical defence. Frequently added to spells & vapourised during ritual to enhance & prevent interference. If you feel an entity is ‘attached’ to you, make a paste of the powder & anoint the back of the neck.

Can be rubbed on Wood Rose with a blend of cedarwood oil  & placed with clothing to cleanse & protect.  Said to ward off moths.

Aroma when vapourisedWoody, spicy, balsamic, rich, warm.– from ‘Kodo The Way of Incense’ by David Pybus: Tuttle Publishing

Also available:  Sandalwood powder & Sandalwood stick incense.

Planetary, Elemental, Gender & Deity attributes in the Tags are from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.

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