Used extensively in love magic & incense formulas; especially useful for love spells for men, as women are attracted by the fragrance.  In the same way, they are attracted by the scent of Oakmoss which can be used effectively with Patchouli.  To attract love, carry in a yellow mojo bag with some cubeb berries & anoint with Come to Me Oil. Patchouli has also been called graveyard dust & goofer dust.

Aroma when burned as an incense: Intense, powerful, woody, spicy, herbaceous, sweet balsamic.– from ‘Kodo The Way of Incense?’by David Pybus: Tuttle Publishing

Also available as Patchouli essential oil.

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Planetary, Elemental, Gender & Deity attributes in the Tags are from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.