MYRTLE (Bayberry, Wax Myrtle) 10g


The wax coating on the fruit of several species, known as Bayberry wax, has been used traditionally to make candles. It was used for that purpose by the eponymous family in the novel The Swiss Family Robinson. The foliage of Bayberry is a traditional insect repellent, used by campers to keep biting insects out of tents. Bayberry is used to spice beer and schnapps in Denmark.
Use in spells & charms for domestic tranquility, harmony, good luck, material objects, wellbeing, peace, prosperity & wealth. The simplest method is to carry it in a mojo bag. But don’t forget to tell the universe what you want.

Planetary, Elemental, Gender & Deity attributes in the Tags are from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.

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