LAVENDER (Elf leaf) potted live plant (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)


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It is said that one is able to see ghosts if this herb is carried. Use in healing & purification incenses, sachets & bath mixtures. As an incense, it promotes restfulness & sleep – use in herb pillows. Very powerful seduction herb; prostitutes in ancient Rome wore lavender in their hair.

See also Lavender Essential Oil popularly known as the ‘First Aid Kit in a Bottle’ for its healing & antiseptic properties especially on burns, insect bites & minor sores.  Also available, dried Lavender flowers.

Sleep Pillow
Mix equal amounts of the following herbs and sew into a small cotton pouch or bag which is then put under your normal pillows or inside the pillowcase.
Lemon Verbena

Photo from the driveway to the Magic Garden.

(Smoking Mixture)
1oz Red Clover
1oz Coltsfoot
1/4oz Thyme
1/4oz Rosemary
1/4oz Lavender flowers
1/4oz Yerba Santa (may be hard to get in Australia, can be left out of the recipe)

Planetary, Elemental, Gender & Deity attributes in the Tags are from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.