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Much more than a sex manual, “The Kabbalah Book of Sex” reveals how to achieve real satisfaction, sexual pleasure, and the true fulfilment of desire through the secrets of Kabbalah.

The world is full of sex manuals instructing the reader on the ins and outs of great sex, but these tend to focus on only one aspect – the physical mechanics. According to Kabbalah, the key to fulfilling sex lies in self-awareness, not simply technique. This groundbreaking guide teaches how to overcome shame and lack of self-respect, and how to access higher levels of connection – to ourselves, our partners and to spirit. Through the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, the floodgates of passion and desire are endlessly opened, as light flows freely into every aspect of our lives. Sex becomes the truly sacred connection it was always meant to be and what we experience is thrilling, satisfying and profound.