I have never known this spell to fail.  All you have to do is tie the two oak twigs in the package together in an equal-armed cross with the red thread supplied.  Just like in the picture.  As you tie the cross you speak the words written on the parchment.  It’s as simple as that.

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My father’s mother was Romany (Gypsy). What this meant to me was that, growing up, I had a father who danced around the kitchen singing spells and aunts that read cards, palms & tea leaves. Family gatherings were strange affairs, where to put down an emptied tea cup was to create a riot as Aunts Chrissy, Dolly and Daisy virtually fought one another to be first to grab the cup, tip it upside-down in the saucer, turn it round three times, lift it back up the right way and read the scattered tea leaves inside!!! The slower aunts impatiently awaiting their turn to read and always, it seemed, contradict each other’s interpretations.
If the tea leaves were being particularly difficult to read, the cup would be tipped upside-down in the saucer and turned three times again. It didn’t seem to me, even at that tender age, that repeating this action would necessarily alter the pattern of leaves in the cup. In extreme cases a fresh cup of tea would be poured and pushed in front of the drinker, who was expected to drink it rapidly so that a new reading could take place. Being the youngest in the family, my cup was always of particular interest. I do note that I am addicted somewhat to cups of tea. But, I digress …

Granny’s Spell was famous in our family and neighbourhood. It was a protection spell never known to fail. As a child I assumed that Granny had invented it. I’ve subsequently discovered this spell was very common among Romanies and there are many versions. But I think our family version is the nicest & most poetic.

This spell is very simple, needs no elaborate ritual and can be completed successfully in a couple of minutes. Spell comes complete with everything you need to perform it immediately.  It has the effect of sending a curse (it can even work against several curses) and any evil intent back to where it came from.

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