In this Pillow lives an invisible Dragon; invisible to all but you, the Owner. When you lay your head on this pillow at night & inhale its magical scent, in your imagination you will see your personal Dragon. You’ll notice its colourings, its protective claws & its unique character. Ask its name, listen & it shall reveal it to you. Your Dragon’s name is a secret between you & your Dragon, so reveal it to no-one else. Dragons like to know you’re aware of them, so visualize and engage with them before going to sleep at night.

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Herbal Ingredients:
Dragon Tears
& Dragons Blood : for powerful protection & to drive away negative energies.
Clove & Marshmallow : to remove malicious entities & drive away hostile forces.
Tansy : for a magical cloak of invisibility if danger is near.
Lavender : for soothing, magical, restful sleep.
Basil : sacred to the Basilisk ? provides psychic & physical protection.
Rosemary : protects.