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Dr. John Dee, Mathematician in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, and Edward Kelley, his medium, first deciphered the language of the angels, or Enochian, in 1581. Dr. Dee?s efforts furthered the development of the Enochian system of magic, and his methods of invocation have been taken up and expounded upon by many magicians since.

Donald Laycock gives us the history of Dr. Dee?s and Edward Kelley?s work and explains how the alphabet is pronounced, and then presents an Angelic-English and English-Angelic dictionary. It is intended to allow the reader to find the basic meaning of any Enochian word used by Dee, words in the Enochian Calls of the Golden Dawn, and those used by Aleister Crowley in The Equinox and The Vision and the Voice. The book also includes variants of Enochian words in the Goetic invocations published by Aleister Crowley as a supplement to MacGregor Mathers? translation the Goetia.

In his Foreword to this edition, Lon Milo DuQuette, a well-known figure in the world of modern occultism, gives us a humorous, yet edifying, description of how he and his students put The Complete Enochian Dictionary to the test ? with astonishing results! This book is a just-have for any serious magician?s library.