CITY MAGICK: Urban Rituals, Spells, and Shamanism


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When you see graffiti, what do you see? A meaningless jumble of words, letters and ‘tags’? Look again. As in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, modern day priests and magicians are writing sigils, spells and bind-runes on the walls & pavements. Did you realise you can change the energy of an area or suburb using the tools of the ‘taggers’. Also, taggers beware! Any half reasonable magician can easily use your tags against you!
This, the first book Penczak ever published is a fine attempt to tackle this complex and very powerful subject. He shows us how we can learn to embrace the heart of the surrounding world using the tools right in front of us. Included in this book are: an outline of the basics of magic as relevant to city surroundings; a discussion of the potential for magic in everyday places; how to read the writing on the walls (graffiti); creating and maintaining a personal temple, an introduction to metropolitan gods, spirits and power spots; and how to find spirit guides, animal totems, new apartments and parking spaces within the city. You can transform your life by simply transforming the energy where you live and work!