Magical intentions: Harmony, Luck, Money, Patronage, Peace, Property – to recover lost, Youth – to regain.
Colour – Orange/Yellow
Plants – Sunflower, heliotrope, chickory.
Metal – Gold.
Gems – Topaz, diamond.
Perfume/Incense – Aloes wood, saffron, cinnamon, myrrh, cloves,

God/Goddess information.
Greek or Roman God – Adonis, Apollo.
Symbolic Creature – Lion, sparrow, hawk.
Planetary Spirit – Och (Sorath).
Description of Spirit – a king holding a sceptre, cockrel, roaring lion.

Kabbalistic information
Sephira – Tiphareth
Symbolic Creature – Lion, child, phoenix.
Sephirotic Form – A king, sacrificial god, infant.
Archangel – Raphael
Guardian angels – Shinanim.

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Showing 1–16 of 41 results