TEEN SPELL BOOK: Magick for Young Witches


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Teens who desire personal empowerment, a connection to old traditions, or an alternative spirituality will be enchanted with this definitive volume of spells and Wiccan lore written especially for teenagers. THE TEEN SPELL BOOK contains such essential information as: how to cast a spell, tools of the trade, Wiccan holidays, and an invaluable resource guide. Wood provides 75 spells including finding a true friend, banishing sexual harassment, and foreseeing the future. The ultimate guide to girl (and guy) power.
Exquisitely illustrated with vintage art of fairies, magical creatures, and enchanted nature.

Reviews: “This is a very attractive book, beautifully published . . . this book stands out from the competition. . . “? The Unicorn.
“I cannot even begin to express my happiness with this newest release from Jamie Wood! Not only has she approached the subject of teen paganism with insight and bravado, she’s done it without talking down, or gathering groupies. . . .THE TEEN SPELL BOOK is being given high recommendation when we are asked for a suggested reading list. This is going to be THE book folks? if you are a teen, the parent of a teen or child, you should have this one on your shelves.”? Prolific Pagans.com
“Instructions on casting spells such as how to meet a celebrity might add spice to your Halloween soiree!”? Boston Herald.