Monsters and Magical Sticks


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If you want to know how hypnosis really works (and, no, it has nothing to do with waving of hands or other similar nonsense), you will want to read this book. If you want to know the ‘magic’ behind Ericksonian techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you have to read this book. From one of the true masters of hypnotherapy, this book can really change your life!!!

Many years ago I studied Hypnosis as I wanted to use it as a tool for post-graduate research into brain behaviour and how we process information. After completing a ‘formal’ course I remained unconvinced that I could ever get anyone to go into trance. But, in looking into further reading I discovered, first, the work of Milton Erickson, and then this book by Steven Heller & Terry Steele. I had never intended to be a therapist; my interest was purely research driven, but one day I happened to meet someone that wanted to consult a hypnotherapist and asked me if I could recommend one. The only therapists I knew at that time were students I had studied with, but, by then, I had lost contact with them all. The ‘problem’ seemed to be fairly straight forward and I found myself wondering what Erickson or Heller would have done in this case and just did something ‘therapeutic’ off the top of my head. Much to both our surprise, it seemed to work instantly. I did monitor this person regularly for some time and the ‘cure’ was still in place and effective several years down the track.

I highly recommend this book, David.