Reminders for the Advanced Soul


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Where do you learn all this stuff, Don? You know so much, or maybe I just think you do. No. You do know a lot. Is it all practice? Don’t you get any formal training to be a Master?”

“They give you a book to read.”

And so, in Richard Bach’s classic sequel to Jonathon Livingston Seagull we are introduced to the Messiah’s Handbook.

I noticed something strange about the book. The pages don’t have numbers on them, Don.”
“No,” he said. “You just open it and whatever you need most is there.”

This idea of such a book has been copied several times over the years since Illusions was first published. However, simply rehashing the pithy sayings of others pales in comparison to Bach’s inspired genius. Even the subtlety of Richard’s sub heading is profound. Rather than a ‘guide’ for the advanced soul, what we have here are ‘reminders’.  After all, we’ve forgotten so much.