A fun oil, great for your first spell or your fiftieth.  Give the kids some magic & bring more happiness into their lives!

This is a fun oil! It’s a great oil for your first spell or your hundredth spell. You don’t even have to open the bottle for it to work. It attracts anything that will make you feel happy. And it’s a perfectly safe magical oil for kids too; a great way for the young magician or witch to start practicing their craft.

You can carry Magical Oil #2 in a purse or pocket or leave it in a drawer, Wishing Box or keep it on an altar or dressing table or on the mantelpiece, shelf or window sill and let its subtle influence attract fun & happiness into your life.

It can also be used in special spells. Simply write your wish on a piece of paper with the date you want it to happen, sign it & put the date you signed it; dab a little of the oil on a corner of the paper and place it in a Wishing Box, wallet or purse.
Size:  2ml.

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