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Most of our magic texts originate in Europe or America and the wild, magical plants they refer to are definitely not native to the Southern Hemisphere. You might be surprised to discover that many of these plants grow as weeds in this country and are regarded as pests. Nightshade abounds in the city; Feverfew grows along our highways. Plantain can be found in the parks. Hunting down these herbs is fun and using the naturally growing ones helps reduce their impact on Australia?s environment.

This comprehensive field guide details over 175 environmental weeds in South Eastern Australia including emerging and potential weed species. Detailed descriptions in easy to understand language and supported by colour photographs brings accurate weed identification within the reach of a broad range of users. Entries include weed shape and size, history and uses, taxonomic relationships, origin, weedy distribution, description, reproductive and growth characteristics and confusing look-alikes.

A must for the serious pagan!