Oils (Magical, Essential & Accessories)

Oils are a large part of magic. Probably dating back to the stone ages. In earlier times the oil most used was Olive Oil because it was fairly readily available and was used for so many things. Later other sources of oils would have been discovered and, in their turn, used in magic. Today, we have a wealth of oils to choose from including now a wide range of Essential Oils.

There are many ways of using oils and the true Witch or Magician always experiments to find which oils work best for them. And don’t forget to make your own Wanga Oil. Wanga Oil is made by emptying the few drops of oils remaining (magic oil or essential oil) into a bottle specially chosen. The resultant mix forming a very personal power oil. Take some of the Wanga Oil on your finger and smear on charms and spells as a final consecration to the magic you are performing.

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