Whether you’re a success or a failure, whether or not you get that job, whether or not you pass that test or that exam, or whether you get that date with that special person, has already been decided for you.

These decisions, all your perceived abilities and limitations that make up your image of yourself, have been put there by friends, family, teachers, school chums, even strangers … because, while strangers may not even have spoken to you, they can’t help but accept the abilities and limitations you consciously express and unconsciously display thereby tacitly reinforcing your image of yourself (and, in the same way, of course, you reinforce theirs).

     But, you can change that …

The psychiatrist Milton Erickson famously said that the patient has within them the means of effecting their own cure; enhancing their own abilities and overcoming their limitations.  This has produced a new breed of therapists who simply sit back and tell you to cure yourself.  But, while Erickson’s statement is essentially true, how can you cure yourself or make yourself successful if you’re programmed to fail?  If it was that simple, surely, you would have done it?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help you change your life.  But, despite the myth, the hypnotherapist cannot simply put you into a trance and tell you to fix the problem.  You are an intelligent being and your mind is a lot more complex than that.

This is why I use a minimum of three sessions in my work, because much of the therapy takes place beyond the therapy session.  Occasionally changes are immediate but, usually, your unconscious mind needs time to integrate the changes you have asked for. The other sessions are to ensure that those changes are, in fact, taking place in the way that you want.

The basic three therapy sessions costs $180, which works out, of course, to $60 a session.  Clients need to commit to the three sessions and pay the $180 up front.  You will need to contact me to book your first session.

I’m also happy to do Past Life Regression sessions because I’ve found that this too can be therapeutic.  For this I charge $75 for a single session.

David Wilson-Steer      03 9873  3736             esoteric666@optusnet.com.au

Studied Behavioral Science (Psychology/Sociology) Latrobe University,  Accredited Member, Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science.  Honorary Member, Victorian College of Clinical Hypnotherapists Association Inc.