Gothic Hooded CAPES


Our magical Gothic Hooded Capes, are made from Pane Velvet & available in a range of colours & hood linings. They are low priced enough so that you could have a different colour for different rituals or even to wear at different seasons.

Black cape with red hood lining is shown.

Colours:*  Black, Midnight Blue, Purple, Emerald Green, Rich Red, Old Gold, Rich Brown, Royal Blue, Magenta.

Hood lining Colours:* Emerald Green, Purple, Red, Black, Silver Grey, Rich Gold, Royal Blue, Brown, Dusky Mushroom

* Other colours available          Contact us:

Colour Combination Suggestions:
Purple with Emerald Green Hood lining
Midnight Blue with Dusky Mushroom
Midnight Blue with Silver Grey
Emerald Green with Purple
Purple with Rich Gold
Royal Blue with Silver Grey

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